Our Story

About Tom and Ruth BowesRuth and Tom were born 12 days apart in the dead of winter. Both followed their paths for many years until they intersected when Ruth worked in administration and Tom in sales & marketing for a corporate training company.

Tom had started his sales career with IBM, and ventured out with a few other technology companies, before starting his own learning and coaching company in 1997. Ruth was with him in this start up, creating all the back office procedures and implementing marketing strategies.

After a while, Ruth got a bit bored and wanted a bigger challenge. Tom saw an ad in a local newspaper soliciting for new real estate agents, showed it to Ruth, and said “You’d be awesome at this”. And the rest, as they say, is history. Since then Ruth has won many accolades from her growing list of clients, sales achievement awards, and earned many credentials, including working with Seniors and was the first “green” REALTOR in Guelph/Halton regions.

Ruth & Tom built their very own straw-bale house (check out a Weather Network feature on the construction of our home at the bottom of this page), they drive hybrid cars, use recycled papers to print on, and minimize their printing of hard-copy mailings and newsletters by thinking twice before embarking on a project. They know they aren’t saving the world, but they want to do what they can. Why? “We owe it our three girls and our granddaughter, who is, by-the-way the cutest, smartest little girl you will ever meet (except yours, of course).”

As Tom & Ruth continued on their own career paths they often crossed paths in the community volunteering at the community hall, Tom is on the executive of the Eden Mills Community Club, a member of the Going Carbon Neutral Committee and is a hands-on-deck volunteer for the various musical events and the annual Writers Festival while Ruth is the editor of monthly newsletter and responsible for automating the administrative back-end of the club activities.

Ruth’s business was flourishing: Tom’s was hit by the recession. The corporate world was changing gears. One-day Ruth said to Tom “I supported you in your business, why not come over and support me in mine.” And they rest, they say, is history.