Right Sizing: Selling A Home

Selling your home involves much more than just placing a “For Sale” sign in your yard.

Right sizing is the new norm. Whether you selling a large or small home the buyer looking at your property is right sizing, and it is likely that you too are moving into a different sized home.

As a full service REALTOR®, we don’t just place our sign on the lawn and post your listing on MLS®, we help you through every step of the sales process to: prepare your home for sale; professionally market your home; and guide you through every step of the sales process to ensure you sell your home within your time frame, negotiate the best price possible and ensure the terms of the sale protects your interests.

Tom and Ruth’s 4P’s of selling your home

PLACE – Location, Location, Location is the age old maxim of real estate that still holds true and while there is nothing you can do about it, your PRICE should reflect where your home is. As your listing REALTOR® we will do a walk-through of your property to gather relevant information about its unique features and then provide a detailed comparative market analysis to recommend the list and target selling prices. Getting the price right is perhaps the most important step in selling your home, but it’s not the only one. While there isn’t much you can do with PLACE, there can be improvements to your home, the PRODUCT you are selling.

We offer staging services before listing to increase the appeal of your home and to ensure you are not spending money “improving” things that will not provide a return.

Finally, we PROMOTE with professional quality photographs and an on-line virtual tour posted to You Tube, Facebook ads, “tweets” and email blitzes to other agents that lead potential buyers to your listing. We also belong to multiple real estate boards so there is maximum exposure.

While all this is happening we:

  • Review the selling process and listing agreement—in as much detail as you need
  • Keep communication open and on-going with you
  • Present all offers and advise on their merits, and negotiate in your interest
  • Deliver final Agreement of Purchase & Sale to your lawyer
  • Follow through to closing and beyond
  • And finally, place the SOLD sign on your lawn!